About Us

a few words about us

F.P. Engineering was registered in 1995 to provide systems for bulk storage, process and handling of powdered and granular products.
We offer our experience in the handling of bulk solids to the food industry, feed & flour milling, brewing, chemical industry, biofuels, paper, power and energy industry.
We have an International network of representatives and agents and have had sales to more than 40 countries on five continents
FP Engineering LTD offers a wide range of products comprising of equipment for gas compression, aspiration and transportation (pneumatic and mechanical) of loose materials.
We supply solutions for:
  • intake pits,
  • aspiration of technological lines (aspiration of intake pits, silos and bins with jet air filters and high efficiency fans)
  • separation of mineral and ferromagnetic impurities
  • vertical and horizontal mechanical conveying systems (horizontal with screw and chain conveyors, vertical with bucket elevators),
  • pneumatic conveying systems with PD blowers, blow-through rotary valves, airlocks and filters
  • storage
  • discharge systems using vibratory dischargers and screw dischargers.
  • system for Big Bag filling and discharge with weighing.
We provide a full service from design to supply, install and commission. All designs for both plant and machinery take into account the relevant E.U. standards (ATEX, Safety etc.).

what we offer


1. We supply parts and machines to a wide range of industries - including chemical industry, biofuels, paper, power and energy industry as well as machinery, plant design and installation of complete flour mills.


We have completed a number of installations in Europe, North and South America and supplied machinery and complete plants to a number of companies including US corporations such as Cargill and ADM.


We have offices in the UK, Argentina, Poland and Canada as well as an extensive network of sales agents in forty countries and on every continent.